Why Quick Client Response Times Brings in More Business

Quick Client Response – You are sitting in your car waiting for an important phone call from a high-end client. The deal you are about to consummate involves a high-end property on the outskirts of town, more than 20 miles from your downtown broker office. The phone rings, and as you steady your hand to press the smartphone button, you realize that you forgot to bring along the finalized contract to read to the client over the phone. As it is rush hour, it will take you nearly an hour to retrieve the contract and respond to your client’s query.

You should invest in real estate software for brokers.

Software for real estate brokers provides several advantages to a paper-based system. The software allows you to maintain a more efficient filing system, as well as quickly access important legal documents. One of the greatest benefits of going paperless involves ensuring you respond promptly to client phone calls, emails, and direct questions. You cannot afford to fumble with your briefcase, as you try to find the property deed, nor can you afford to ignore emails because you forget to check your inbox.

Going paperless ensures you provide your clients with quick response times, and quick response times bring in more business.

Repeat After Me

One of your clients calls you late on a very busy day. He’s upset that you have not returned any of the emails he has sent over the past couple of days. With an email alert feature included in your new real estate software for broker package. You would have gotten back to the client immediately. Clients who feel ignored or worse, placed at the bottom of your priority list, most likely search for another broker. Moreover, you can never expect to conduct business with those clients again. As it is in every other industry, repeat business forms the backbone of you brokerage’s financial health.

Talk of the Town

When you respond quickly to client communication. You build the level of trust that leads satisfied clients to recommend your broker services to friends, professional peers, and family members. Clients enthusiastically endorse you to people they know. Because you promptly return phone calls, answer emails, and deliver the paperwork required to move along a real estate transaction. Why sink money into marketing strategies that take you away from the most important facet of your business: communicating with clients. Word of mouth advertising remains the most cost efficient and time-saving marketing strategy.

Walk a few miles in your client’s shoes. Do you like to wait at a dry cleaner counter for the owner of business to respond to ringing bell? Do you like to wait minutes for a server to greet you at a restaurant? Real estate clients demand quick and friendly service, which you provide by going completely paperless. Providing your clients with quick response times garners you more repeat business and referrals that attract new clients.