Have You Tried A Personalized Approach To Shopping?

As personalized shopping keeps growing by the day, it is not surprising to learn that such shopping websites are very frequented by users of the Internet. These websites provide their own select brand of items like shoes, jewelry, fashion accessories and handbags etc for women in a very out of the ordinary way. As you become a VIP member of such a website. In the beginning of each month your personal stylists chooses a range of handbags, shoes. And other items which they think would best suit your taste and style. Isn’t that unique! Here, we shall see how precisely such a site works and what’s so unique about it.

The main attraction of a personalized shooping web site is the facility it provides by offering you the services of a personal stylist who selects items for you as per your taste and sense of fashion. However, the most attractive part is that it sells every product for just reasonably small amount. Including all the shopping expenses. We shall not go into the details of the quality of goods. Though you’ll find the resource section offering a link to assorted reviews. We would rather focus on the process of its working.

On registering with this website you are asked to take a brief test on fashion personality. The idea of the test, comprising multiple answers, is to assess your preferred fashion styles. The questions are simple like giving you names of three celebrities, asking you which one you like the most. Similarly, you could be shown shoes in different designs to know which style you would have a preference for using at your workplace. Depending on the answers that you provide. You are referred to a particular stylist who makes a calculated guess to arrive at the items you would rather have in your boutique. You are informed of the items selected for you by your stylish in less than 24 hours.

When you visit your boutique at a personalized shopping site. You can buy any of the items selected by your personal stylist or you may just browse through the other items on display for all the members. As you buy your first item, the system enrolls you in its VIP membership program. So, you don’t have to pay any charge for earning VIP membership or buy any product specifically. However, there is one thing you should know.

At the beginning of every month. After your personal stylist has made selections for you and you don’t wish to buy any of the items. You simply have to inform the site that this month you are not buying anything by clicking a button provided on your boutique. But, if you fail to take this action. You get charged to the tune of the regular monthly fee through credit card. But you earn a credit that may be utilized for buying any product in the coming months.