Quicker Response Times Will Improve Customer Service

Businesses can improve customer service by responding to consumer complaints as quickly as possible.

Research by Eptica revealed that a significant number of contact centres failed to respond to online consumer queries through email communication in their own promised time frames.

The software provider discovered that only 28 per cent of contact centres actually responded to messages within their pledged timescale; while just over a quarter failed to reply to their customers at all.

When dealing with customers via email it is important to acknowledge their initial query by sending a confirmation response because it is basic good manners, however, many businesses are not bothering with this.

Optimum response times vary between industries as customer satisfaction levels will drop faster depending on which sector they are dealing with so it is important that organisations recognise their own perfect reply time frame.

Responding quickly to consumers is one way to develop a beneficial long-term relationship but it is equally important to solve customer problems at the first point of interaction if possible.

There is no point in organisations replying to consumers in a timely fashion if they fail to deal with their complaint or query in the first instance because this will result in lower levels of satisfaction.

Businesses will only every experience return on investment into their customer service departments if their consumer-facing employees can provide relevant answers to queries and complaints.

It is important that customers should not need to request further information from an organisation after the first response but if this is the case then there is likely to be something wrong with their business processes.

If an organisation’s processes are ineffective or inefficient, then they should employ the services of performance improvement consulting professionals because they can apply theory to a business to enhance productivity.

Experienced performance improvement consulting can apply systems thinking business theory to a business to help them view their organisation from their customer’s perspective.

Systems thinking theory will allow an organisation to see what customers value the most when interacting with their business and they can adapt their processes accordingly.

Some companies may find that their customer place most value on receiving quick response times whereas other firms may have consumers who want greater social media interaction.

It is important to hire performance improvement consulting professionals which have relevant experience in your specific industry as they will understand what is most appropriate to your specific sector.