Knowledge Base Software-Features


Knowledge Base Software allows you to share information within your enterprise from your website or Intranet with an enterprise-grade knowledge base. It helps to reduce customer support, improving staff productivity and eliminating time wasted searching for information across disparate systems such as shared folders and paper documents.

Hundreds and thousands of organizations, small businesses, universities and enterprise organizations are using knowledge base software. Knowledge based software can be used to cater different needs of the organization that is using this software like:

Knowledge Base Software Features

There are number of knowledge base software are in the market and have many powerful functions. These functions may vary from one software application to other knowledge base software application. But there are some functions that are common among most of the knowledge management software. By using it staff, customers and partners can access information locally or over the Internet and Knowledge Management software’s powerful group-based permission architecture makes it easy to share knowledge with only the people or groups you choose

Reduce in-bound customer support.

Knowledge base software really helps to reduce the in-bound customer support. Mostly, there is an interactive help interface which makes it easy to find the answer of your queries. It will contribute to decrease queries of customers in form of e-mails or calling to your support department. Your knowledge base can also be integrated into your contact/support forms to provide instant answers to customer’s questions as they type, reducing support even further. Active response system in knowledge base software can be integrated into any website form. Customers can easily search knowledge items and attachments. Popular search terms make it easy to find help fast.

Share company documents and procedures

Knowledge based software offers you the facility to share the documents among the staff members whether they are present in one physical location or one hundred, it makes it easy for them to share, search, rate and print company documents, procedures and more. Forget email or network fileservers – now everyone has access to the same single version of a document from the same location. Documents are accessible through any computer that is connectd to intranet or web. Built in feed back loops help staff to improve their knowledge.

Eliminate staff training time

A company can eliminate a considerable time for training its staff by using the knowledge base management software. If a company provides its policies and procedure in its knowledge base, it will help in quicker staff training. You reduce staff training time significantly and give new staff members a “hands on” approach to learning. You can achieve this objective by uploading company’s procedures and documents which are instantly indexedd and searchable. Categories can be password protectd and restricted as per the privilege level of a user. All these knowledge items can be printedd or exported to different formats as offered by the particular it for saving. These knowledge items can be assignd to the new comers for reading and self training purposes.